BULLETIN 138 – September 2018

Bulletin 138 is out! The two free-to-download articles show the range of the SIS’s activities: on the one hand we have a hugely important contribution to historical scholarship, namely Part I of Huib Zuidervaart’s essay on the life and work of Johan van der Wyck (1623–1679); on the other we have superbly detailed and illustrated account of a reconstruction of Humphrey Cole’s stunning 1586 theodolite, by Jeffrey Lock. As always there’s plenty more, including articles on sundials, and accounts of the SIS’s (many) recent trips and meetings.

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Highlights of the Bulletin Part I: The Mensing Case

Since 1983 the Bulletin of the SIS has published countless essays on the history of scientific instrumentation – the archive of the Bulletin is a treasure trove of information on all sorts of devices, makers, historical episodes and instrument resources. But as you'll have found if you click on that link, it's available only to members of the SIS (you can join here).

So we thought we would showcase some highlights of the Bulletin by making articles selected by SIS members available for free. If you're a member and would like to contribute to this project please get in touch!

Our first installment comes from Joshua Nall of the Whipple Museum, Cambridge. Josh was co-author (with Boris Jardine and James Hyslop) of the recent Bulletin essay on fake antique scientific instruments – which is also available for free here. Appropriately enough, therefore, Josh chose the important 'Final Report' on The Anton Mensing Scientific Instrument Project, co-authored by Stephen Johnston,Willem F.J. Mörzer Bruyns, Jan C. Deiman and Hans Hooijmaijers and published in Bulletin 79 (December 2003). This report brought to a conclusion one of the most thorough collaborative studies of the history of instrument collections ever undertaken, and is a model for anyone planning anything similar. And, as with anything Mensing related, it's a cracking story too.

 Anton W.M. Mensing (1866–1936)

Anton W.M. Mensing (1866–1936)

 Click the image to download the article.

Click the image to download the article.

BULLETIN 134/135 – September/December 2017

Owing to a delay in uploading issue 134, the SIS is delighted to present the online versions of BOTH Bulletin 134 and 135 – the contents and selected articles from Bulletin 134 are now online here, and from 135 here. These two issues feature plenty of SIS news (report of the AGM, account of our visit to the wonderful Combe Mill), as well as articles on John Cuff, Richard Long, Humfrey Cole and (many!) others...