BULLETIN 142 – September 2019

We’re delighted to announce the publication of Bulletin 142. The Bulletin’s exploration of the life and times of John Cuff continues, and is dramatically represented on the cover. Johan Zoffany’s depiction of Cuff in his workshop is well known, but what is rarely noticed is that Cuff features in another of Zoffany’s works – or rather his microscope does. Here you can see Zoffany’s wonderful painting of a scene from Samuel Foote’s hugely popular ‘The Devil upon Two Sticks’, first performed in May 1768. The question remains: was the microscope an actual prop, or was this Zoffany’s invention?

In addition to Part 2 of Julian Holland’s impressive account of Cuff (Part 1 here), you will find an essay on the Elizabethan craftsman Humphrey Cole, announcing the discovery of his address, and a fascinating piece by Deborah Warner on Joseph Henry and the Smithsonian's first collection of scientific apparatus.

These latter two are available free to download, as is the editorial. The rest of the Bulletin is available only to SIS members. Not to mention that you will receive full online access to every article ever published in the Bulletin. Click here to join!