International Study Tour: Sweden, Sunday 19 – Friday 24 May 2019

The old observation room, Stockholm Observatory

The old observation room, Stockholm Observatory

Join us for a week exploring the diverse scientific heritage of the Swedish capital and the nearby university city of Uppsala where we’ll see artefacts associated with the prestigious names of Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius and Alfred Nobel.

We will publish the final itinerary in the March Bulletin but it will most likely include visits to the following venues, where possible:

Stockholm – venues reached by local public transportation/walking:

  • Stockholm Old Observatory

  • Nordiska Museet

  • Vasa Ship Museum

  • Royal Palace of Stockholm

  • Nobel Museum

  • Maritime Museum

  • Museum of Technology

  • Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences

Uppsala – excursion by coach:

Uppsala Anatomical Theatre

Uppsala Anatomical Theatre

  • Uppsala Observatory

  • Museum Gustavianum (Uppsala university museum)

  • The Anatomical theatre and medical history museum

  • The Augsburg Art Cabinet, a 17th-century cabinet of curiosities containing approximately 1,000 different artefacts.

  • Uppsala university history museum containing lectures note from the first semester of the university in 1477 and exhibitions concerning Uppsala scientists such as Linnaeus, Celsius and Nils von Rosenstein.

  • Linnaeus Museum with the recreated Linnaeus Garden and his house

  • The University Medical History Museum

  • Skokloster Castle collections and library (tentative, to be confirmed)

Stockholm – excursion by coach:

  • Nordiska Museet Stores at Tumba (35 mins south of Stockholm)

The cost will be £430 per person (£480 for non-members) to include all entrance fees, tour guide fees, lunches (where possible), public transport costs, coach travel for excursions and the gala dinner.

Delegates are requested to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. We will start our visits from the underground station T-Centralen, on Vasagatan opposite Stockholm Central Station, with several hotels nearby to suit all budgets.

For more information and to sign up for the tour, please contact the SIS.