The SIS is pleased to offer the following books for sale, all of which are available to members at a significant discount here.

In addition to its own publications, primarily the Bulletin, the Society has helped sponsor the publication of several important works in the field.

  • Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society. 1983-present
  • McConnell, A., 1993, R.B. Bate of the Poultry 1782-1847: The Life and Times of a Scientific Instrument-Maker, Scientific Instrument Society Monograph 1
  • Clifton, G.C., 1994, Directory of British Scientific Instrument Makers c.1550-1851, Zwemmer
  • Millburn, J., 2000, Adams of Fleet Street - Instrument Makers to King George III, Ashgate
  • McConnell, A., 2007, Jesse Ramsden: London's Leading Scientific Instrument Maker
  • Morrison-Low, A., 2007, Making Scientific Instruments in the Industrial Revolution