Historically this trip abroad (from the UK perspective!) has been called the Annual Overseas Conference. It normally lasts four to six days and is usually held in the Spring, with groups varying in size from 20 to 50. The reports in the Bulletin, usually compiled from short contributions by participants, are a source of inspiration for members planning private visits. For most trips since 2002, participants have produced souvenir CD-ROMS with full reports and many photographs. The list below also includes longer Autumn visits where these have spread over more than one day.

2018 Athens (13–18 May), Bulletin 138 (Sept 2018)
2017 South Wales (10–15 Sept), Bulletin 135 (Dec 2017)
2016 Palermo, Sicily (4–9 Sept), Bulletin 132 (March 2017)
2015 Portugal (Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto) (4-8 May), Bulletin 127 (Dec 2015)
2014 Switzerland (1–6 June), Bulletin 122 (Sept 2014)
2013 Berlin (13-18 May)
2012 London (14-19 May)
2011 Dublin (10-13 May)
2010 Frankfurt, Giessen, Marburg, Goettingen, Kassel (10-14 May)
2009 Leicester and Derby (9-10 October)
2009 Paris (25-29 May)
2007 Birmingham (21-22 September)
2008 Norwich, Fakenham and Spalding (3-4 October)
2008 Utrecht, Leiden, Haarlem, Delft, Rotterdam, Franeker, Groningen (6-9 May)
2007 Florence, Arezzo (26-30 March)
2006 York, Whitby, Hull, Burton Constable (12-14 October)
2006 Dresden, Weimar, Jena (26-29 March)
2005 St Petersburg, Pavlovsk (14-20 May)
2004 Copenhagen, Taastrup, Soro, Herlufsholm, Malmo (2-7 May)
2003 Brussels, Ghent (18-19 October)
2003 Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Dundee, Aberdeen (29 April-3 May)
2002 Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg, Kiel (11-16 May)
2001 Oxford, Snowshill Manor, Waddesdon (7-9 September)
2000 Milan, Pavia, Lake Como (9-14 May)
1999 Lisbon, Coimbra (3-8 May)
1998 Paris (3-7 March)
1997 Rome (4-9 March)
1996 Geneva (7-8 September)
1996 Nuremberg, Regensburg, Munich (20-27 March)
1995 Florence (20-26 March)
1994 Spain (10-15 May)
1993 Cracow (10-14 May)
1992 London and Oxford (May)
1991 Liverpool, Prescot, Manchester (19-20 October)
1991 Leiden (13-17 May)
1990 Dublin (15-18 May)
1989 Prague/Vienna (25 April-1 May)
1988 Belgium (16-20 May)
1987 Chicago / USA Midwest (22-25 May)
1985 Paris (with the Societé de l'Astrolabe) (31 May-1 June)
1983 Gloucester (18-20 November)


Usually these are visits to museums, often with handling sessions and/or visits to behind-the-scenes stores, country houses and institutions, but there have also been workshops and debate meetings, and even a convivial Thames cruise! The reports are published in the Bulletin and are a source of inspiration for members planning private visits.

2018 Scientific Instrument Fair, hosted in conjunction with the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers, Glaziers’ Hall, London Bridge (8 July), Bulletin 138 (Sept 2018)
2018 ‘Astronomy and Empire’, Whipple Museum, Cambridge (7 Feb), Bulletin 137 (June 2018)
2017 Weekend visit to the Baltic Coast, northern Germany (19-21 May), Bulletin 135 (Dec 2017)
2017 Farnborough Air Sciences Museum (FAST) (2 March), Bulletin 133 (June 2017)
2016 Weekend visit to Maidstone Museum, Belmont House and Down House (30 April-1 May), Bulletin 130 (Sept 2016)
2015 Weekend visit to the Netherlands (9-11 October), Bulletin 127 (December 2015)
2015 Victorian Engineering and Fire Safety Fire Brigade Museum and the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, Southwark (27 Feb), Bulletin 126 (Sept 2015)2014 Regional Study Tour, Dorset (17-19 October), Bulletin 124 (March 2015)
2014 Brunel Engine House and Thames Tunnel and the Algha Spectacle Works (25 Feb), Bulletin 122 (Sept 2014)

11-13.10.2013 Regional study tour to Leeds
12.02.2013 Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Didcot
19-20.10.2012 Study Tour in the Netherlands
10.2011 Provincial trip to Manchester
25.02.2011 Masons Museum,  London
06.03.2009 Royal Institution of Great Britain
04.07.2008 Glaziers Hall: Mini conference on the London Guilds and City Livery Companies. Joint meeting with WCSIM
29.02.2008 Galton Collection, University College London and Wellcome Collection exhibition on 'Sleeping and Dreaming'
09.02.2007 Science Museum (Smith Centre): 'Treasures from the Astronomy Collection'
09.02.2007 Institute of Historical Research: 'Jesse Ramsden: London's leading scientific instrument maker - Why?'
19.05.2006 Science Museum reserve collection (Blythe House)
14.10.2005 Royal Society
09.07.2005 National Maritime Museum
18.03.2005 Victoria & Albert Museum, London
16.10.2004 Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester
02.07.2004 Whipple Museum (preceding AGM on the 3rd, see above)
27.02.2004 The College of Optometrists (British Optical Association Museum)
26.11.2003 British Museum: Electroforming workshop repeat
24.01.2003 Royal Institution
05.10.2002 Bristol: Brunel Instruments, Industrial Museum, University Library
12.04.2002 Science Museum reserve collection (Blythe House)
23.02.2002 Woolwich Royal Artillery Museum
12.05.2001 Museum of London
20.01.2001 Royal Astronomical Society
23.09.2000 Bury St. Edmunds: Joint meeting with Antiquarian Horological Society
05.07.2000 Thames cruise
04.03.2000 Greenwich: 'Story of Time'
19.11.1999 Whipple Museum
29.10.1999 British Museum: Electroforming workshop
19.06.1999 Liverpool County Museum and Merseyside Maritime Museum
17.04.1999 British Museum: Hands-on session in Clock Room
22.08.1998 York Castle
1998 Conservation seminar at West Dean College: Organic materials / Lacquering
28.04.1998 British Museum: Private view of Humphrey Cole exhibition
17.05.1997 Longleat House, Bath
16.11.1996 Oxford: workshop on the art of engraving
26.10.1996 Old Royal Observatory / National Maritime Museum reserve collections
11-12.05.1996 Conservation Seminar at West Dean College: 'The Colouring of Material'
20-21.05.1995 Conservation Seminar at West Dean College: 'Conservation of Scientific Instruments'
22.03.1994 Society of Antiquaries: 'How to look at scientific instruments?'
20.01.1994 Science Museum: George III Collection
26.03.1993 Society of Antiquaries: 'Was there an Elizabethan telescope?'
10.11.1992 Science Museum: Quiz
28.03.1992 National Maritime Museum: 'Columbus: The Man and His Achievement'
25.09.1991 Christie's, London (Nicolas Webster collection)
18.07.1991 Science Museum: Joint meeting with Antiquarian Horological Society
05.12.1990 Royal Institution
20.10.1990 University of Bristol Physics Department, Bristol Industrial Museum
07.02.1990 Science Museum: History of the Foucault Pendulum
21.10.1989 British College of Ophthalmic Opticians (British Optical Association Museum)
17.01.1989 Phillips, New Bond Street: Antikythera mechanism / Slide rules
08.12.1988 Christie's, South Kensington
06.04.1988 Science Museum: Demonstration in style of Benjamin Martin / 'James Ferguson'
20.02.1987 Culham Laboratory, Oxfordshire
09.11.1987 Science Museum, Optics Gallery
08.12.1986 Washington Hotel, London
22.03.1986 Royal Museum of Scotland: 'The Business of Instruments'. Joint meeting with the Antiquarian Horological Society
30.03.1985 National Maritime Museum: 'Science and the Sea'
15.01.1985 Science Museum
06.10.1984 Green College, Oxford: Joint Meeting with Royal Meteorological Society
12.06.1984 Shell-Mex House: Spectroscopes / Photography of Scientific Instruments
28.02.1984 Shell-Mex House: 'History of Burning Mirrors'
20.07.1983 National Army Museum: 'Fakes and Facsimiles'