The Scientific Instrument Society (SIS) was formed in April 1983 to bring together people with a specialist interest in scientific instruments, ranging from precious antiques to electronic devices only recently out of production.

Collectors, the antiques trade, museum staff, professional historians and amateur enthusiasts will all find the varied activities of the Society suited to their tastes. We have a truly international membership offering those who join the chance to link up with instrument devotees across the world.

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Dear Members and Friends,

Welcome to the Scientific Instrument Society's website! My name is Paolo Brenni and I have been involved in the SIS since its foundation in 1983. For more than thirty years now, the Scientific Instrument Society and its publications have played a very important role for historians, museum curators, collectors and enthusiasts... like you and like me. I am sure that in the future the Society will continue to be a beacon in the world of historic scientific instruments. If you're not a member yet, you can join now. Whoever you are, enjoy using our website.