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Bulletin 126, September 2015


1, Editorial, Marcus Cavalier
2, Announcements
3, Report of the Chatham AGM Weekend 27th/28th June 2015
4, Report on the Victorian Engineering and Fire Safety Meeting in London on Friday 27th February:The Fire Brigade Museum and the Kirkaldy Testing Museum in Southwark
8, C.N.BROWN, Diffraction Gratings: Part 2 The Rowland Era and Beyond
15, Current and Future Events
16, DENIS ROEGEL, An Overview of Schwilgué’s Patented Adding Machines
24, DOMINIQUE AND ERIC DELALANDE, Exhibition of Ninety Hourglasses in Paris
34, NICOLÀS DE HILSTER, The Triangular Quadrant as a Navigational Instrument
41, MIKE COWHAM, A Rule by Thomas Wright